Quark Consulting offers the customers a wide range of services in the field of financial, accounting and fiscal audit, financial and accounting consultancy.

Our approach links the expertise acquired in different areas of activities with the permanent update of the knowledge. Moreover, we have the necessary resources needed in order to offer the most appropriate financial solutions customized for the specific needs, with purpose for each customer to attain the desired performance.
Quark Consulting offers professional services based upon truthfulness, competency and responsibility. The Ethical Code reminds each one of us how to conduct ourselves in order to prevail the challenges we face as professionals, acting in a modern, and fast paced business environment.

Integrity, independence, professional competency, confidentiality and reliability are ultimate imperatives, strictly complied with by the members of our team.


The services provided by Quark Consulting include: 



Financial audit


Financial Audit in compliance with the International Accounting Standards

Financial Audit in compliance with the Order of Finances Ministry No. 1802/2014
Audit of financial statements that support the issuance of consolidated reports by the mother-company, in compliance with its requirements

Internal audit – management and control of the system’s regularity and reliability


Integrated accountancy services


Computerized bookkeeping services, provided in compliance with national and international regulations, at the customers’ premises or at the company’s headquarters, upon request


Economic and financial analysis performed in order to identify and eliminate / worth the weaknesses / strengths of your company


Fiscal consultancy performed in accordance with the legal provisions in force with regard to the taxation of natural or legal entities, resident or non-resident


New business consultancy, financial and accountancy management, conclusion of credit files


Financial Consultancy


Economic and financial analysis based upon the main economic and financial ratios


Supply of bibliographic materials related to reference domains connected to financial management and planning


Issuance of cash-flows, income and revenue budgets


Compliance with exchange rules and regulations, and import and export operations


Studies and consultancy with regard to business management and representation of business interest


Conclusion of documentations related to credit (including leasing) applications, participation to bids


Taxation consultancy

Our company offers two consultancy packages in the taxation field:
“Full services”
Full services package provided on contractual basis, with monthly tariff that includes:

Monthly examination at the customer’s headquarters of the bookkeeping and accounting statements issued by the beneficiary


Examination of the methods used to determine the taxes owed by the beneficiary to the State budget and to the local budgets


Examination of the tax declarations


Examination of the yearly and half-yearly financial statements


Permanent notification related to the fiscal-related amendment

Fiscal and taxation consultancy
Services upon request”
Services pack supplied upon request, on contractual, tariff per hour basis, that include:

Fiscal solutions offered to the problems encountered by our customers


Attaining of fiscal attestation certificates


Examination of accounting statements of the customers for the taxation point of view, in order to prepare the company for a potential fiscal inspection


Issuance of specific reports required for fiscal inspection


Assistance provided during the fiscal inspection

Quark Consulting

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